July RUT

Decided to move to a July 10 point spread! Yes, only 10 points.  Traditionally I would do 100 points or higher, but I don’t expect the Russell to go up significantly over the next month due to sell in “May & go away” tradition.

I ended up with a July 690/700 – 710/720 Iron Condor.

Net Debit of 1.45 since I rolled down and out from a June Bull Put Credit Spread of 710 / 720 to a July Bull Put Credit Spread of 690/700.

My strategic goal for this month is to reach near max profit of 10.5% on the Bear Call and roll down and out to an August Bull Put.

June RUT

I got manhandled by the pullback.

Current position is a 720/710 June Bull Put spread. Waiting on an opportunity to roll down and out to a 700/690 July Bull Put Credit Spread.